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Living ValuesNuala O'Hanlon
B.Ed; Cert. Teach; APRA/AMCOS Full Writer Member

Over the years, Nuala's teaching qualification has enabled her to enjoy a number of diverse experiences.

Her full-time work has included team-teaching in an Open-Plan Infant department in country N.S.W. and E.S.L. classroom teaching in a 97% migrant school in Sydney.

Nuala is a migrant herself, so this work was particularly close to her heart.

Prior to her departure for overseas, she enjoyed a term spent assisting in the pre-school division of an Independent Progressive Sydney primary school.

Pursuing her interest in the creative and performing arts, she enjoyed a summer in Denver, Colorado working as a camp counsellor. Her role was to coordinate the arts programme for 7-14 year olds.

Returning to Australia, after 3 years of working and travelling overseas, Nuala commenced work as a Development and Training Officer in a hospital setting. Here she provided a recreational programme for 3-7 year olds.

While raising her children, Nuala has enjoyed casual work in pre-schools as well as nine years of relief work (K-6) in a number of primary schools. This portfolio includes a variety of permanent part-time executive release positions in Lower, Middle and Upper Primary, as well as the role of Music Teacher across all grades.

Nuala has spent many years as a casual teacher (daily relief, learning support, and LSL blocks (long Service Leave). She is currently enjoying her role as a regular substitute teacher in a local primary school.

Nuala's background includes performance in musicals, amateur dramatics and vocal ensembles. She enjoys writing lyrics and stories for children as well as adults.

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'A Lesson in Every Lyric' ®