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About Us

Nuala O'Hanlon is a highly experienced Primary School Teacher, with a background in the Creative and Performing Arts.

Her teaching experience includes work in mainstream, open-plan, ESL, and pre-school classrooms, where singing has always been an integral part of her teaching day.

She has also worked as a music teacher across all grades (K-6), and has experience in the area of special needs, as a development and training officer, in a hospital setting.


Kathryn Radloff is an Arts (Hons) Psych graduate. A singer/songwriter in her own right, she has a background in the Creative  & Performing Arts, Social Work and Psychology.

It’s no secret that children LOVE to sing!

As educators in the field, Nuala and Kathryn were also convinced, from their own experience, that children LEARN what they sing!

After scouting libraries and local educational supply stores, they found very little in the way of material which was not only  ORIGINAL, but at the same time, supported Values and  Curriculum learning.

This discovery, together with their firm belief in the power of  music to unlock learning potential in mainstream classrooms became the catalyst for the formation of their company, Keystone Creations.

Together, they now write and publish innovative Teaching Resources which target  Primary School Curriculum through Values-Based Original Songs.

As co-directors of Keystone Creations, they are able to combine their passion for music, children and teaching.

The lyrics are laden with learning content and values, hence their slogan:  ‘A Lesson In Every Lyric’

Their mission is to continue to provide busy teachers and parents with quality, educational resources.

More importantly, children will learn important Values, Curriculum Content, School Themes and Concepts, while extending Literacy, all through the powerful and enjoyable medium of music!

'A Lesson in Every Lyric' ®