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Civics & Citizenship
'Civics &
Citizenship in Song'

'A Lesson In Every Lyric'™

* Listen to song samples/download the ‘Civics & Citizenship in Song’ mp3 album & lyrics:

CIVICS & CITIZENSHIP IN SONG (Middle / Upper Primary) contains funky and diverse song styles and melodies - guaranteed to have huge appeal for older students!
These curriculum-based songs help students to understand rights and responsibilities associated with citizenship, while enabling them to internalize values and attitudes for participating in the civic life of their communities.

They explore such themes as:

  • Resilience
  • Manners
  • Citizenship
  • Bullying
  • Poverty awareness/making responsible choices
  • Diversity
  • Care for the Environment
  • Respect
  • Social Justice
  • Values/Ethics
  • Australia
  • Australian Democracy
  • The Human Body systems (Bonus Track)

WATCH THIS SPACE for future middle/upper primary curriculum song releases, including such themes as:

  • Our Solar System
  • Antarctica
  • Natural Phenomena
  • People and Their Beliefs
  • Technology
  • Goods & Services /Wants & Needs
  • Eating Out
  • Colonization
  • The Gold Rush
  • Eureka Stockade…

“I would teach children music, physics and philosophy; but most importantly, music, for in the patterns of music and all the arts, are the keys of learning.”

'A Lesson in Every Lyric'®

Songs & Learning Outcomes  
Bounce Back
Understands that adversity passes; Develops positive coping skills and attitudes for bouncing back
Understands the need for good manners; Demonstrates consideration and respect towards others

The Citizen Ship
Understands basic tenets of active citizenship, including: participation, teamwork/co-operation, valuing fair and equitable treatment for all 

Bully-Free Zone!
Understands what constitutes bullying behaviour; Develops skills and strategies for countering it
*Details, including video and sample lyrics:

Wake Up!
Understands the importance of making responsible choices, being grateful and not taking things for granted

One World
Identifies cultural similarities and differences, e.g. food, clothing, shelter, customs, language, leisure and music

Australian Democracy
Understands the principles of democracy; appreciates the contributions of those who fought for rights and freedoms we enjoy today

Uses North South West East terminology to locate states, capital cities, seas, islands, rivers, significant places, sites and environments; Names many places in Australia with Aboriginal names

Living Values (International Version)
Identifies and demonstrates an understanding of values for living, including:
* Care and Compassion *Doing Your Best *Responsibility *Freedom *Integrity *Respect *Fair Go *Honesty & Trustworthiness *Understanding, Tolerance & Inclusion

Living Values (Australian Version)
Identifies and demonstrates an understanding of the nine values as set out by the Australian Government in the 'Values For Australian Schooling' document:
*Care and Compassion *Doing Your Best *Responsibility *Freedom; *Integrity *Respect *Fair Go *Honesty & Trustworthiness *Understanding, Tolerance & Inclusion
(The Australian Government’s nine
‘Values for Australian Schooling’)

Busy Bodies (Bonus Track)
Understands and appreciates functions of various human body systems; Recognises the need to take personal responsibility for health

Living Values (Backing Track)

Bully-Free Zone! (Backing Track)

Keep It Clean! (Bonus Track)
Demonstrates responsibility for cleaning up rubbish: recycling, turning off lights and taps, etc.

It is well known that music has universal appeal to students of all ages and abilities.

These curriculum-based songs have funky, diverse melodies and memorable lyrics.

They convey and reinforce important messages, move the emotions, entertain and challenge.

The songs on this ‘Civics & Citizenship’ album raise  not only raise awareness, they also help students to understand and learn core values which will enable them to lead healthy, productive and fulfilling lives.

Each song is jam-packed with values which can help unlock each student's potential and create caring, effective and contributing members of society.

These ‘Civics & Citizenship’ songs were created for use in the classroom and wider school context.

Students love singing these values-based songs, without even realising they are learning!


  • Use songs for introduction of new units of work, discussion, reinforcement of content or simply setting the mood for the day
  • Emphasise different verses at different stages of learning
  • Listen to the song - repetition, repetition, repetition
  • Maximise class participation by learning chorus first
  • Remember – there's 'A Lesson In Every Lyric'. Unpack songs line by line
  • Encourage creativity! Experiment with bonus backing tracks to create original lyrics and melodies

'A Lesson in Every Lyric'®