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ClickView is '…the world's leading producer of educational videos, providing curriculum-aligned video content to schools.'

We have partnered with ClickView to provide our CURRICULUM KARAOKE™ series of read, sing & learn along song videos. 

(ClickView have illustrated and animated the videos for use on their online platform).

Check out the titles of the first batch, now available to subscribing schools on ClickView's online platform.


AMPED UP LEARNING is an '...education marketplace, a network of expert teacher contributors from all over the U.S.A. who share lessons, products & tips to improve and enhance the classroom (and virtual) learning experience. Amped Up Learning isn't just a BUNCH of useless lessons. Nope. We're a vetted resource full of useful, creative tools for almost any subject level.' Check out our ever-growing catalogue of downloadable publications in our KEYSTONE CREATIONS ~ Educational Songs store on the Amped Up Learning site!


TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS is an open online marketplace where teachers sell their original lesson plans and other course materials to other teachers, and also share for free. 

All of our KEYSTONE CREATIONS curriculum-aligned songs (& lesson materials) are available on Teachers Pay Teachers.





'Songs For Teaching® is a premier online source for educational music for all ages. The music and production is of a high, professional quality, and the content, educationally useful and appropriate.

We listen to all of the music we recommend, selecting music that we hope you (and your students!) will find enjoyable and educationally useful. Whenever possible, we try to offer printable lyrics and teaching tips.'

Keystone Creations has partnered with Songs For Teaching and will have all of their songs available for download on this great teaching resources portal.


Alan Peat is a former primary school teacher, now international author & Educational Consultant. He provides teachers and school leaders with practical, effective and enjoyable strategies for raising pupil achievement in both writing and reading.


THE PARENTS' GUIDE TO INTERNET SAFETY, SECURITY & SCREEN TIME FOR KIDS ~ The ultimate guide, jam-packed with eye opening stats and practical advice about screen addiction, cyber bullying, self esteem and more. 


Cyberbullying Rises During COVID-19 Pandemic

There can be several causes for cyberbullying to occur, including:

  • It's a confidence booster for the bully.
  • Cyberbullying can be done anonymously.
  • It allows for socially inactive people to feel powerful and less weak.
  • Kids see it as a trend.
  • It serves as entertainment for kids who bully together.


Cerebral Palsy Guidance
Cerebral Palsy Guidance is a detailed CP website giving parents of children with Cerebral Palsy access to reliable and accurate information concerning CP.


Music Education Online
Ranked Number One for "Online Music Education"


informED is a learning and ideas hub.
New Ideas. New Information. Information on education strategies and ideas from industry experts and new thinkers.
They have created a new website which encompasses all of their blogs and courses, etc.: ww.opencollegesgroup.com.au


keystone creations

'A Lesson in Every Lyric' ®