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'Integrated Curriculum In Song'
Targets Outcomes for first year of school
© Copyright Keystone Creations

Track 2 - School Days

On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday,
We come to this place called school to work and play.
So many people care for us in many special ways,
It’s a safe and happy place, we want to stay.

Verse 1
Teachers organize our learning, help us write and read
And volunteers, in lots of ways, are generous indeed.
Mums and Dads on canteen duty, when we need a feed!
Our buddies are the greatest, we’re all agreed.

Track 3 - Our Class Rules - OK!

We have rules and responsibilities,
To keep us safe and happy
And we take these very seriously,
We care for everybody!

Verse 1
We -
Never shout or roar,
Sit with chair legs on the floor,
Share things at our table;
Never push or shove,
Treating everyone with love
And help out where we’re able.

Track 4 - Places at School

Verse 1
There are places at our school for housing this and that;
Hooks outside our classrooms where we hang our bags and hats.
This classroom is the place we’ll come to spend most of our time,
Where we’ll learn and grow together, sounds just fine!

So many places at our school,
We think that they are really cool!
Each one of them has its own rules;
So many places at our school.

Track 7 - Family Tree

Family, family, no matter how you look at it, we’re family;
Grandparents, fathers and mothers,
Aunties, uncles, sisters and brothers,
Cousins and of course there’s me!
We all form a family tree.
We all form a family tree.

We’re family, family and we all form a family tree. We all form a family tree.

Verse 2
Whenever you are feeling down,
Or suffering from doubt,
A family is there for you,
To help you out.
They stand together, come what may,
That’s what families do,
Because they share a special bond,
They believe in you! Believe in you!

Track 8 - Come To Your Senses

Verse 4
I love to hear my friends come through the door,
The sound of big waves crashing on the shore;
Great music on the radio,
A tennis ball go to and fro,
I love to hear my friends come through the door.

Come ’round to your senses,
Come fully alive!
Come ’round to your senses, 1,2,3,4,5,
Come ’round to your senses, 1,2,3,4,5.

Track 12 - Healthy Kids

Verse 1
Vitamins, minerals, good fats,
Proteins, carbohydrates,
Help keep bodies healthy, so –
Put good food on your plates.
Bodies are like fine machines, let’s
Eat the things we’re meant to.
Fruit is beaut, go use your loaf AND
Choose what you chomp into!
Do do do do, da da da.
Do do do do do.


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