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Teachers' Testimonials


Kim Saville, Deputy Director, The School of St Jude, Tanzania

Nuala and Kathryn,

I have to tell you that I walked into the Prep class today and as the students were sitting around the room doing puzzles and games, they were singing. At first I didn’t notice what they singing as I was talking to the teacher but then I noticed something about “Put a smile on your dial” and realised it was your CD!! The teacher says the kids absolutely love the songs and she is so impressed that the songs actually teach them something without their actually realising it (a novel concept in TTanzaniaanzania!)!
They are learning a song for assembly in front of the whole school!

Miss Martha, Miss Grace and all the kids told me to tell you “THANK YOU!!”

Many thanks,
'Fighting poverty through education'


Brendan Hitchens, Music Teacher: Music In Action: A Magazine for Educators
'In terms of application to the classroom, and usability by teachers they rate a tick in every box.'


Ricki Hayes Classroom Teacher & workshop participant
I just loved your presentation, it was so inspiring, informative and most importantly...fun! You are a great team and I could listen to you all day! I know your educational, child-friendly songs will assist many teachers, enhancing classroom teaching and learning. The Outcomes and Suggestions in the accompanying Resource Books will make it so much easier for teachers to pinpoint the most suitable songs, and help them to 'think outside the square' when preparing their lessons May the teachers and pupils be inspired through and by your efforts. Congratulations girls, work well done!!'


Kathy Gee, Primary School Principal
‘Much needed values resources for classroom, music and drama teachers.
Good rhythmic, catchy music with a variety of styles, makes for appealing resources to complement the Primary curriculum.
I have added these to our collection!’


Carmel Sekulich, Classroom Teacher
'The Assembly and Performance Pieces are creative and easy to follow. They not only provide entertainment, but are an invaluable way of reinforcing learning content!'


Helen Rosenkranz, Teacher/Librarian, Drama Teacher
At last!
A Resource Teacher’s dream!
This motivational resource links together a number of KLA’s and the excellent teachers’ notes will save precious preparation time.
Through a combination of music, movement and role-playing, the subtle messages of these catchy songs will have a very strong and lasting impact. After 25 years as a teacher, I see the enormous advantage of this resource!”


Jenny Morris, Classroom Teacher
“A must have resource for all teachers!
The delightful songs not only reinforce the values we uphold in our school but also promote learning of curriculum content.
The user-friendly teacher’s book provides practical lesson ideas. My students and I love singing along to the catchy tunes!”


Cherie Wilkinson Teacher/Librarian
'I find the Lyrics excellent from a Literacy aspect and incorporate them into my library lessons whenever I can.
It is so much fun and the children love it! They used to ask why we were singing in library. I explained to them that we're reading poetry, and can learn a great deal from studying the lyrics.
This has proven to be true. Their reading has greatly improved and they just love singing along with the songs. Most importantly, I love it so this in turn enthuses them!'


Jean Berry, Music Teacher/Coordinator
"A much needed values resource for classroom, music and drama teachers.
Good rhythmic, catchy music with a variety of styles, makes this an appealing resource to complement the Primary curriculum.
I will certainly add this to my collection!"


Vanessa Weir Teacher
Just wanted to share with you how much the pre-school kids are loving your music - and me, too, of course. I am practically programming around your SING TO LEARN! CD - manners, school rules, etc. xxxx

Parents' Testimonials

'… I have three boys on the autism Spectrum, your ‘Sing To Learn’ CD has more than passed my expectations, as it is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. More importantly, my boys LOVE it!'

Helen Wise

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'A Lesson in Every Lyric'®