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'Living Values in Song'
© Copyright Keystone Creations

Track 1 - Living Values

Our Australian schools have values
That show how much we care,
About giving all a fair go,
In this great land that we share.

Verse 1
Caring for ourselves and others,
Always aiming to do our best,
Treating everybody fairly,
With understanding and respect.
Building character is our destiny,
We are working for the good of all,
With sincerity and honesty,
Moving forward, walking tall.

Track 2 - One World

We are one world with different nationalities;
Some travel here to settle, from far across the seas;
All connected by our one humanity,
We are here because it is a great place to be!

Verse 3
Meeting or greeting we may say, ‘Hello’, ‘How are you?’, ‘Hi’,
Or ‘Guten Tag’, ‘Konnichiwa’, ‘Bonjour’ or ‘Come stai’.
You may have shopped in market places or big shopping malls,
Ridden donkeys, camels, elephants, trains or rickshaws!

Track 3 -
Keep It Clean

Verse 1
Listen up now,
‘Cause this’ll make you really cool.
Listen up now,
We’re gonna be the cleanest school!
Listen up now,
Put your rubbish in the bins.
Listen up now,
‘Cause this is where it all begins.
Bin,bin,ch,ch,bin,bin, yeah. (x2)

Let’s clean up our nation,
For future generations,
It all depends on what we do today, yeah.
We all have a duty,
Protecting Earth’s great beauty,
Together, you and I can lead the way.

Track 5 -
Swimming Carnival Fear

Verse 1
Swimming carnival’s today, I’m really bad at swimming.
Don’t want to have to go to school ’cause I’m no good at winning.
Dad says to me ‘Do the best you can, that’s all you have to do.
The very fact you give it a go means you’re a winner too!’ Means you’re a winner too.

I’m a winner. You’re a winner.
There is no need to fear.
I’m a winner. You’re a winner.
There are no losers here!

Verse 5
It takes a lot of courage to do the things that you must do.
It doesn’t mean you won’t feel scared, some things really test you!
I didn’t win the race today, but know this much is true –
Because I did it anyway, means I’m a winner too! Means I’m a winner too.\

Track 9 - Fancy That

Verse 3
The bully, dressed up as a clown,
Looked my way and laughed at me.
He saw me in my dressing gown,
Said, ‘What are you meant to be?!’
You must have got mixed up and thought
That this was a sleepover!’
And when he lit my candle stick,
I ran and hid for cover.

Verse 4
My mother looked on lovingly,
I could see tears in her eyes.
For her, I’d keep my dignity
And swallow my silly pride.
I told my friends how good they looked
And they said I looked good too.
Then suddenly, the bully left,
But what else could he do?!


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