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'Living Values In Song!'
Values Education For Primary Schools

$49-95 AUD

Living Values in Song is a dynamic resource specifically created for primary school classroom teachers.

This complete teaching resource contains a CD of songs and a book with a list of targeted values and outcomes, practical 'Suggestions For Use' as well as photo copy ready words for each song.

It provides an excellent values-based platform for students to learn curriculum content through music.

FYI: ALL of our curriculum-aligned songs are now DOWNLOADABLE including our latest, ever-growing series of Curriculum Karaoke READ, SING & LEARN along illustrated videos

Song List:  
Living Values
Identifies and demonstrates an understanding of the nine values as set out by the Australian Government in the 'Values For Australian Schooling' document
A Class Family
Respects the rights of others in the class and participates in the formation of classroom rules and follows them
One World
Identifies cultural similarities and differences e.g. food, clothing, shelter, customs, language, leisure and music
Wake Up!
Understands the importance of making responsible choices, being grateful and not taking things for granted
Keep It Clean!
Demonstrates responsibility for cleaning up rubbish, recycling, turning off lights and taps when not in use
Healthy Kids
Recognises the relationship between healthy food/lifestyle choices and performance/wellbeing
Our School
Demonstrates responsibility for helping to make the school happy, healthy, fair and safe
Fancy That!
Demonstrates care and respect for others and describes ways in which people interact with each other (e.g. celebrating, supporting)
Swimming Carnival
Understands the importance of always doing one’s best and understands the importance of being a contributing school member
All Weather Friends
Demonstrates an understanding of the value, meaning and importance of friendship
* Plus bonus backing tracks - "Living Values" and "Our School"

Living Values in Song supports:

  • 'Values for Australian Schooling'
  • Curriculum-aligned learning for all Primary school students
  • Outcomes of Primary Curriculum (Society and Environment, Creative Arts, Science and Technology, Health and Physical Development)
  • Literacy
  • All primary school teachers, non-musical and musical alike
  • It is well known that music has universal appeal to students of all ages and abilities. The songs in this resource have catchy melodies and memorable lyrics. They convey and reinforce important messages, move the emotions, entertain and challenge. They willalsoprovide opportunities for students to explore musical concepts through a variety of activities.
  • Living Values in Song raises awareness awareness and understanding of core values, enabling students to lead healthy, productive and fulfilling lives. Each song in this resource is jam-packed with values which can help unlock each student's potential and create caring, effective and contributing members of society.
  • Living Values in Song is designed for use in the classroom or wider school context.
  • Students are loving these curriculum-aligned songssongs without even realising they are learning!
  • Simple tips
  • Use songs for introduction of new units of work, discussion, reinforcement of content or simply setting the mood for the day
  • Emphasise different verses at different stages of learning
  • Listen to the song - repetition, repetition, repetition
  • Maximise class participation by learning chorus first
  • Remember – there's 'A Lesson In Every Lyric'. Unpack songs line by line
  • Encourage creativity! Experiment with bonus backing tracks to create original lyrics and melodies
  • Refer to Curriculum document for definitions of musical terms

'A Lesson in Every Lyric' ®